Thursday, October 23, 2014

Snap Magic Launch – Mt Tamborine

In a Secret Garden on top of a southeast Queensland mountain 
warlocks, witches, kids and grown-ups came trick or treating.
All had gathered for the launch of a bewitchingly funny new book, Snap Magic,

Some had trouble transferring back into their human form...

While a witch of great lineage instructed the gathered populus on proper wand usage.

And read a scene from her hilarious new book, Snap Magic.

 Bewitching beauty cast its spell.

And my wicked and whacky sister Nadia Sunde launched Snap Magic on the Mt.

For the large crowd we had a number of macaron towers
 courtesy of our sponsor Passiontree Velvet

The macaron-taking ceremony!

 The kids showed off their false fangs and scarred faces in the dress-up competition.

A sweet devil.

 More magical witches.

How did you get that scar?

Advanced broomstick flying!

Scar face bowls a pumpkin six.


Little warlock, were you that bat in the tree?

A gaggle of witchie poos.

Snap Magic
The coven of witches and warlocks in the adult dress-up competition.

Bestie witchies.

What the young witch of today was wearing.

You win the pumpkin wine!

 Two can fit on my broom.

All the way from Melbourne to surprise me – feeling the love, 
but why does that eye keep moving on your T-shirt?

Ghoulie lanterns and colour-ins.

 The winner of the raffle – a Family Pass to Drax 4 Kids
courtesy of our sponsor Draculas.

 Wand off competition. First to smile loses!

Snap Magic is launched!

One very happy author/illustrator

for hosting the Mt Tamborine
Snap Magic launch.

Thank you to our sponsors, Draculas, and Passiontree Velvet.

Thank you to our official photographer Jorge Branco.

And thank you sincerely to all who came along or sent well wishes.

Snap Magic Launch – Brisbane

 On a warm spring day in a bookshop in the Brisbane inner city suburb of Paddington a crowd had gathered (some weird and all wonderful) to celebrate the launch of one little book – Snap Magic, by Angela Sunde.

There were prizes and surprises...
A Family Pass to Drax 4 Kids from our sponsor Draculas
Thanks Drax!!!
 And spooky food on the baddies table.

People felt safe in the knowledge they were among friends.

Even the cupcakes were not as spooky as they looked.

Dear friend and children's author, Sheryl Gwyther, launched Snap Magic with aplomb.

 While a spider decorated my hat.

 Then it was storytelling time. 
Stories about wands and magic, some 650 years old.

 Some in the audience thought this was funny...

But they soon changed their minds 
when everyone pulled out their wands and sparks began to fly.

Posture when casting a wand is of the utmost importance.

 The wand is an extension of your arm...

And you must pull a scary face like this.

Yes, that's pretty scary. But no smiling!

I left the jellies in Mrs Swan's fridge overnight 
and now her false teeth are missing. 
(She likes to chill them.) 
Perhaps they're in one of the jellies.

Three spooky characters. One dressed up as Lily!

The official Snap Magic launch cake – a macaron tower,
courtesy of our sponsors Passiontree Velvet.


 Oh, yum!

 Two whacky witches arrived from New Zealand to surprise me. 
We've been casting spells together since high school.

 Dad's hairy face also got mixed up in the jellies.

 That's Dad.

 All that spooky food and dangerous wand action still didn't put off some readers.

 And they could make a Ghoulie Lantern or colour in.

 Pop a bookmark in.

 I couldn't understand why not many drank the pumpkin juice; 
it tasted like orange.

After all, you needed the energy for some pumpkin bowling.

The first victim / I mean... participant arrives.

Thank you Black Cat Books
for hosting the Brisbane
Snap Magic launch.

Thank you to our sponsors, Draculas and Passiontree Velvet

Thank you to our official photographers, Peter Allert and Daniela Sunde-Brown

And thank you sincerely to all who came along or sent well wishes.