Pond Magic

RRP. $12.95
Publisher: Penguin Australia
Editor: Catherine McCredie
Cover illustration: Lisa Coutts

Pond Magic tells the hilarious story of an intolerant, self-obsessed tween, whose relationships with her family, her best friend and a French exchange student are made all the more difficult by a little magic and a lot of burping.

Twelve-year-old Lily Padd's name is the least of her problems: she can't stop burping, her skin seems to be going green and now she has webbing growing between her toes! Can she really be turning into a frog? As if that isn't bad enough, an exchange student from France has come to stay and Lily's best friend, Maureen, thinks he's gorgeous. Why has Lily's life become so confusing, and will things ever be normal again?

If you'd like to find out more about Lily and her problems, visit the Pond Magic facebook page. 

"I really enjoyed it. I thought it was imaginative and really surprised me at the end. I just loved the way it kept you hanging at the end of the chapters. And also how it tied in with the show at school. I thought it was really funny." (Ellen, age 11, NZ)

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