Thursday, September 23, 2010

My sister the star

Some of you will know I rave on about my sister a lot. She is Nadia Sunde and although half a generation younger than me I am accustomed to being asked, 'Are you Nadia's sister?' Recently, with my new-found success as a children's author someone actually asked her, 'Are you Angela's sister?'
Ha ha!!

I'm just thankful for the fact we are...sisters.

Nadia is a songwriter, singer, musician, performer, playwright, actor, entertainer, ABC radio presenter, early childhood music teacher and more. She has been involved in music from the time she could stand and jive about, from the time she found our brother's old guitar in the cupboard (he's 17 years older than her - I'm not telling you how much older I am) and taught herself how to play it.

In high school I was there to see her win the talent quest when she was in Year 12 and I was the relief teacher. I was there for the Band Recitals, The Lead in the Musical, her first CD launch
and every gig (almost) ever since. She has always been a winner, including Best Female Vocal at the Qld Sunny Awards and more recently this year winning 3rd Place at The International Songwriting Competition (children's category) for  her song, The Goat and the Goose, from her new children's CD, Homespun - a collection of songs that are fun, blue-grassy, folk-inspired, toe-tapping and joyful!

So this is a tribute to my sister - a talented, highly experienced and varied performer. I want to share her many talents with you.

A photo of her band Nadia Sunde and The Best Band in the World.

Here she is elegantly 'Home Cookin' with guitar virtuoso Michael Fix and the voluptuous bass of Paul Robert Burton.

Burton, Sunde, Fix. 'Home Cookin' (Youtube link)

Here she is performing in the musical theatre show, Nadia's Wish, which she co-wrote and produced for the State Library of Queensland's summer holiday children's programme in 2010.

Nadia's Wish (Youtube link)

Here she is being interviewed at The Wintermoon Festival about her recent award.
Wintermoon Festival (Youtube link)

Here she is entertaining the families at the Neurum Creek Festival, Sunshine Coast, with her Kindie Indie music and inimitable style..
Nadia Sunde's Family Music Jamboree (Youtube link)

To find out where Nadia is performing next take a look at her Myspace page and listen to a few of her kids' songs while you're there.

Nadia is also a mother of two (three and six years). How does she do it? I don't know, but if you are reading this you probably realise she has a lot of guts and determination, a strong passion for music, for entertaining and the craft of storytelling through song and movement.

Her CD is an independent release and Nadia is seeking distribution. She relies on word of mouth and the support of her fans.

Jump on board and tell your friends, publishers, music companies etc about the breath of fresh air Nadia brings to children's music - real music for kids and grown-ups who want to enjoy something a little more rootsy and organic. She calls it Kindie Indie.

Nadia's CD Homespun is available from her website and the Borders Robina store.

Now who do you think I should ask to MC and perform at the launch of my debut children's book, Pond Magic, on Sunday, 17th October at the Marks and Gardner Gallery, Mt Tambourine?

And she has already said 'YES'. Now, that's another reason for you to come along... The invite will go up in the next few days.

If you've stopped by, don't be shy to leave a comment and say hello. I love hearing from you.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Once upon a time...

Once upon a time...
in a sparkly green pond
there lived a small frog

who dreamed of becoming a children's author

being magically transported to the CYA Conference
where many children's authors and illustrators
gathered together each year.

One day the frog ventured forth,
hopping from one lily pad to another
until she met a kind Queen.

The Queen of children's literature,
 called Sheryl Gwyther,
spoke about the frog's endeavours to be published
and her first book
'Pond Magic'.

and about the frog's abilities to wave placards
 and speak out for the rights of all frogs
 to write Australian children's books.

The frog smiled and held up her book for all to see.
She was speechless.

But then she remembered her notes...

and thanked Sheryl, her editors at Penguin Australia, her husband, children and parents, her friends and all the writers and illustrators present, especially those from the KWD Secret Society (who know who they are).

Overcome with wonder
the crowd listened
 as the frog read from her book.

And then she told the magical story
of the vineyard called 'The Arrogant Frog'
and the French 'Sparkling' Lily Pad Pink
from the Languedoc region of France.

Not only was the sparkling French (Ooh, la la!)
explained the frog, drawing the raffle,
but the main character of her book Pond Magic
 is called Lily Padd
the French exchange student who comes to stay with Lily
is from the Languedoc region of France.

The frog presented the winner of the French 'Sparkling'.
Merci beaucoup!

and the winner of the
mini manicure
salon for little girls (Pond Magic's sponsor).

and then the Queen and the frog celebrated together
the frog's transformation
from aspiring tadpole writer
to the Princess Children's Author.

And the frog lived happily ever after.

(The photos above with white borders are courtesy of Lynn Priestley)

Friday, September 3, 2010


OK...POND MAGIC IS HERE, in my hot hand - looking adorable in pink. I have been waiting anxiously for this book baby - the cradle has been ready for ages and tomorrow I get to take her to Brisbane to the CYA Conference AND show her to all her writing Aunts and Uncles. There will be a lot of oohing and aahing... and possibly some champagne. CYA there at the launch!!!!!!

Don't you love all the stars my editors at Penguin put in the envelope as a surprise!!!

It's amazing seeing my name on the spine.

See the little frog?

Ooh, la la!

Please indulge me...It's my first book.