Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Lights Out

Today I am guest blogger on The Soup Blog's 'Lights Out' series of posts by children's writers and illustrators, telling what they used to read as children after they were sent to bed. Find out what my brother used to do to scare me after lights out...

The Soup Blog lets you know what’s going on behind the scenes of Alphabet Soup magazine, an Australian magazine for children aged 6 to 12 who love books and creative writing. The Lights Out series of posts is to celebrate their new Undercover Readers Club for kids. Check it out.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Pond Magic is on facebook

Pond Magic now has its own facebook page and my main character, Lily, is in charge of posting comments on the wall.

If you pop in, you can say hello to her and get to know her better. She's not too pleased to be there. Like any 'tween' Lily would rather be chatting to her friends on msn.

However, she has to stay put until the Pond Magic page reaches 1,000 fans. Today we reached 50, and Lily is starting to panic. Can you help her to escape?

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

'Pond Magic' Book Cover - World Exclusive

My book, Pond Magic, an Aussie Chomp, will be published by Penguin Australia on the 30th August 2010 and will be available in bookshops from that date on. If you would like a copy, it is just a matter of asking your bookseller to order one (or heaps) in.

I'm very excited. The last edit has been sent back to the publisher, and this very minute Pond Magic is being marketed to booksellers around Australia. After months of editing and re-writing, a perfectly formed book is winding its way to a bookshelf near you. Aren't you just a bit excited too?

For a sneak peek at what it's all about, here is the back cover blurb:

Twelve-year-old Lily Padd's name is the least of her problems: she can't stop burping, her skin seems to be going green and now she has webbing growing between her toes! Can she really be turning into a frog? As if that isn't bad enough, an exchange student from France has come to stay and Lily's best friend, Maureen, thinks he's gorgeous. Why has Lily's life become so confusing, and will things ever be normal again?

When I first sent Pond Magic off into the world in its manuscript form, I was more than hopeful. This was a good story, and when finally accepted by my publisher, she described it as "delightfully funny".

But to ensure Pond Magic's success while it sat on publishers' slush piles, waiting to be read, I regularly visited my local bookstore and library and sought out the shelf with authors beginning with 'S'. Then, when I found my alphabetical spot between the 'St' and the 'Sv', I put my hand in between the books either side of where mine might one day sit and made room for Pond Magic, pushing the other books aside to create a gap.

Then I wished and imagined positive outcomes.

My writing buddy laughed one day when she saw me do this. But, hey, positive thinking works!

Now, I have been dying to show everyone the cover, illustrated by the talented artist Lisa Coutts. I am thrilled with Lisa’s interpretation of the main character, Lily, and her horror at turning green. It just makes me giggle.

And now, for the first time anywhere, I would like to proudly unveil Pond Magic to the world...



The cover artwork is copyright Lisa Coutts. The cover design is copyright Penguin Group Australia.

You will notice there is a distinctively 'French' feel to the front cover. The scrolly title reminds me of French wire garden furniture and the pink and black colour scheme has my imagination running riot when it comes to planning my launch. Ooh, la la!
And of course there are the French roses, the picture of the Eiffel Tower, bottles of 'Paris' and 'Chanel' style perfumes. Hmmm, a definite theme happening here, a certain, 'Je ne sais quoi.' Lisa has done such a great job, don't you think?
I love it!