Sunday, February 17, 2013

Days Nine and Ten in the Burrow

Or... Plot Holes and other Hazards on the Road to Publication

You might be wondering why two days are combined. Well yesterday I needed to vent a little, so it was laundry day and any other housework I could find in this little one bedroom flat. The amazing thing is a load of thick towels dried in 30 minutes in this super dry, very hot weather. Whereas at home in Queensland it's wet, wet, wet.

But I'm sitting pretty in the air con and today I moved ahead with the word count on my novel. This first week has seen me fixing plot holes, re-writing bits and and unravelling my thoughts. It's true. You really can think straighter when you're on your own to do so.

This coming Thursday, 21st Feb, I'm speaking at the Burnside Library here in Adelaide at 6pm. Come along if you can as I'll be talking about how fairytales inspire my writing and sharing with you what I've been up to, including a sample reading of my novel in progress.

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