Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Day Seven in the Burrow

It's so dry here some folks have resorted to artificial lawn on their nature strip. Yes, in the photo below. It's either that or the gravel look they have in France. Personally I remember being excited at the smell of fresh cut grass after months of travelling around Europe.
The lack of humidity is wonderful- a good hair day every day. Pity about wrinkles though.
I guess you're wondering whether I've actually written anything. Today was a Marathon effort. I completely rewrote my picture book,  edited another and cut and pasted the new text onto my dummy book all ready for show and tell at the publishers tomorrow.
Since it's Valentine's Day and it's a coffee date I bought chocolates to take as well. I hope they don't think I'm greasing up.
I'm so glad I worked out how to use the printer. Still have my synopsis and blurb for my novel to sort in the morning. The alarm is set.

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Alison Reynolds said...

Down the street from us there's a house with synthetic lawn. It was so realistic looking we may have needed to get on our knees to check.
Chocolates are always a great present