Thursday, February 7, 2013

Day One in the Burrow.

It's so quiet here. You could easily be in a remote country location and not the inner suburb of a capital city. I don't think I heard any traffic all night, most of which I was partly awake for. A combination of excitement and new bed.
Yesterday I was so warmly welcomed by the wonderful MGCLT ladies. They have spoilt me with all that I could want- even chocolates on the bed. Bliss.
The sun was out today but I stayed in, relishing not having to be anywhere. I spent the day reading my research notes and strangely, while on a break, a picture book idea popped into my head. It must be May Gibbs Magic.


Kerry Argent said...

Hi Angela, I hope that you enjoy Adelaide. Did you manage to catch up with Omnibus? That pic of your space in Adelaide just suddenly made me feel a little homesick for it or mainly what I had there. It's the light I think and the stone buildings and a more genteel order (?) Is the place still in Norwood? That's was my old stomping ground. I have a house in Stepney. A little bluestone maisonette. Crap, that Nigella is on the tele . . . so annoys me! Plus she seems to have lost weight as well!!!! At the moment dying after having a go at Zumba! So disappointed that I wasn't Beyonce!! Have a gorgeous time and a fruitful one! Kerry x

Angela Sunde. said...

Hi Kerry,
Yes, have a coffee/ tea informal meeting set up for Thurs. Thank you! The light here is so different, love the long twilight and the yellowness of it all. Have ventured down to the Parade for coffee, lunch and oh my lunch has just arrived. Nigella makes me happy to be a brunette! X