Friday, February 8, 2013

Day Two in the Burrow

I ventured out today, down the street to The Parade - a trendy collection of cafes and boutiques. But no one talked to me. It might've been the red wire Nana shopping trolley I was pulling behind me. "There goes that crazy writer lady," I could hear them say (in my mind).
I was captured by the magestic black-barked gums running up the centre of The Parade and took a photo for you.
Work wise I've made a start and words are flowing. I also have a coffee date booked with a publisher for next week, so I'd better learn quickly how to catch buses in and out of the CBD.
There's both a Russian and a Hungarian club in my suburb here. So tonight it's goulash with a vodka chaser. Zivli!


Kerry Argent said...

Hi Angela,

Norwood parade was planted with those trees to provide bird corridors to the river and the city from the hills

Angela Sunde. said...

It is such a beautiful corridor. What great planning. Do you know what sort of gums they are?

Daniela Sunde-Brown said...

Hungarian food is so so so so good. You must go!