Monday, February 18, 2013

Day 12 in the Burrow

Today was a highlight for me. It started with a cosy morning tea at the home of Fran Knight, a children's literature reviewer and writer of teachers' resources for major publishers. Over scrumptious homemade little scone cakes and a pot of tea, Fran interviewed me for the Readplus Blog. It was so much fun I could've spent hours chatting to her and the lovely Alle Goldsworthy who drove me today.

But we had a lunch date at the home of children's author and friend, Janeen Brian. Janeen's work room is inspiring and huge. With over 60 books published, she has a bookcase just for her own work and as a creative work space it is by far the most usable and inviting that I have been in. The time spent with Janeen over a relaxed lunch has left me encouraged and motivated to take on all the new challenges ahead. 

Thank you so much, Alle, Fran and Janeen for a great day.


Sheryl Gwyther said...

Just what you needed, I suspect! The positive company of several wonderful enthusiasts in the world of children's writing.
Much love to Janeen too. :)

Angela Sunde. said...

Yes, and Fran personally told me she adored Pond Magic. And considering she reads 100's of kids books a year as a reviewer, I am chuffed!