Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Radio Star is Born

I'm appearing on radio this Friday, 25th March at 10.40am Qld time. Now can I say 'appearing' when no one will actually see me?

Nicole Dyer presents the Book Club, a program on ABC 91.7 Gold Coast FM once a month on a Friday morning.

For half an hour two listeners will review my book, Pond Magic, and ask me questions. And we will all be 'live' in the studio. It's exciting stuff.

Nicole Dyer and Louise Pieper

And so for my 'appearance' I'm having my haircut tomorrow. I know, I know they won't see me, but Nicole  usually takes photos of guests and puts them on the ABC 91.7 Facebook page. Plus I'm meeting two listeners/fans for the first time.

Can't wait!

Here are the details:

ABC 91.7 Coast FM
10.40am Qld Time (AEST -1)
Friday, 25th March 2011

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