Sunday, March 13, 2011

One Thing Leads to Another

I'm finally getting into the swing of this year. My calendar is filling up and new opportunities arrive from the most surprising connections.

When submissions were opened for an art exhibition called 'The Art of Reading' at the Robina Art Gallery, I thought my work would be a perfect fit. The exhibition's objectives were to showcase books and the ephemera of reading.

I submitted four artworks - watercolour illustrations of picture book pages, including the illustration I did for my webpage.

Half way through the two week exhibition I was pleased to see that only three of my business cards were left. I replenished the pile and came back a week later to only one. My author/illustrator brand was connecting with the audience. But even better I received three invitations directly as a result of the Art of Reading Exhibition.

One of these I can tell you about now.

My book, Pond Magic, has been picked up by ABC Coast FM 91.7 radio, which transmits to the entire Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Tweed areas. Pond Magic will be discussed on Nicole Dyer's morning Book Program which is on the last Friday of each month. Nicole does a terrific job bringing books and authors into the lives of the ABC listeners and promoting Australian books by local authors.

Nicole Dyer of ABC Gold Coast 91.7 and Louise Pieper of Gold Coast City Libraries.
Photo courtesy of ABC Gold Coast 91.7 FM

Two ABC 91.7 listeners with children have been sent a copy each and on Friday the 25th March these listeners will be live (with me) in the studio to review Pond Magic and ask me questions. Can you imagine how thrilled I am? Well, even more than that.

So here's the details: Listen Australia 4GCR - ABC Gold Coast 91.7 FM Live Radio Online

ABC Gold Coast 91.7 FM
Friday the 25th March

10am till 10.30 am Queensland time
(11am till 11.30am Australian Eastern Daylight Saving Time)

I hope some of you are able to have a listen. I'll let you know how it goes.


Sheryl Gwyther said...

Congratulations, Angela!! I'm so pleased for you. This is a brilliant opportunity and it's mainly through your hard work, and your strong-heartedness at putting yourself 'out there' - a place where being rejected and criticised is part of the game.

Kat Apel said...

Really cool, Angela. How exciting!! Looking forward to hearing how it goes. And if you ask, you may be able to get a sound file to link to your website. Then we can ALL hear it. :D

And congrats on the great interest at the art show, too.

Dee White said...

Congratulations, Angela,

That is such exciting news.

You know how unreliable my internet is, but I will definitely try and listen in.

Now you have me curious about the other two invitations, but I guess I'll just have to wait, and being an author, Patience is my middle name LOL.

So pleased to see your hard work paying off.


Unknown said...

Wonderful news, Angela! Congratulations on a great opportunity.

Angela Sunde. said...

Thanks everyone. :)) Kat. I'll ask for that sound file.

Hee hee, Sheryl. I thought you wrote strong-headedness. Probably right there too!

Dee, one of the other invites is to present a workshop during Book Week, but I have to wait and see if my quote is accepted. Cross fingers and press thumbs.

Unknown said...

That's wonderful news, Angela! Your illustrations look gorgeous up on the wall at the Art of Reading exhibition. Congratulations, also with going on the radio to discuss Pond Magic. Well done :)

Warrambucca Books said...

Fantastic, Angela and very well deserved. You work really hard at your craft and having amazing talent.

Ali xx

Karen said...

Hi Angela, Great to hear your fabulous news. Can't wait to hear you on the radio and/ or on your sound file. Good luck :))

Amanda Worlley said...

Hi Angela,
That is fantastic news!. Your hard work is being rewarded. I will try to be listening live, but it would be good to get a podcast.
Go girl!, Amanda

Chris Bell said...

Congratulations on your fantastic news. Not sure I'll be able to tune in from here, but thrilled for you. Best wishes, Chris

Angela Sunde. said...

Thank you, Renee, Ali, Karen, Amanda and Chris. It's going to be a big week ahead.