Monday, August 15, 2011

The Coral Sea Monster begins life on its own

Janis and Kerry bind our team book for mailing to Write a Book in a Day.
I run between the printer and the binder bringing the pages.
We only have to reprint one page which was accidentally crushed.
We are on a roll!

Rob and Amanda prepare our book, The Coral Sea Monster
for emailing to the Write a Book in a Day panel.

And here it is, our baby.
Introducing to the world...

The Coral Sea Monster
Prana Writers

illustrated by Angela Sunde

(An excerpt will follow soon)

The Prana Writers team looking justifiably proud!

We have delivered a 16,500 word children's book with illustrations within 12 hours
 and keeping within the parameters given to us by the judges.

We have raised over $650 dollars (and still coming in) for The Royal Children's Hospital Qld
and we have been able to donate our well crafted, fast paced 'fish out of water' story to the patients
 of  the Royal Children's Hospital and their siblings. 


To sponsor us in this challenge please visit Write a Book in a Day ,
choose The Royal Children's Hospital Qld
and our team Prana Writers.

Sponsorship is open until the 31st August.


Karen Tyrrell said...

Hi Angela and all the Prana writers,
Congratulations for an awesome achievement. Well done.
I'm so proud of you all.
Hope you bring in Mega dollars for the hospital.

DimbutNice said...

Your posts show a phenomenal collection of talent, wit and determination. Well done to all of you. Lunch alone looks like it was an overwhelming success!

Me said...

Congratulations on a wonderful book for a wonderful cause. Cheers to you all!

Angela Sunde. said...

Thank you, lovely ladies. It certainly was worthwhile and I think all will be putting their hand up to do it again next year.