Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My Radio Debut

As promised, here at last is the link to my debut on radio.

A few weeks ago Pond Magic was chosen to be the first Book of the Month for 2011 in ABC 91.7 Gold Coast 's Book Club with the lovely presenter Nicole Dyer.

And so one sunny Friday morning I turned up at the ABC 91.7 studios beautifully dressed and coiffed for my 'live' radio interview. Joining me was Stephanie Laverie who had won a copy of Pond Magic and the opportunity to meet the author and review the book live on air through ABC 91.7's Facebook page . - No pressure for me!

Nicole Dyer, Angela Sunde and Stephanie Laverie

Some of you will know that my sister, Nadia Sunde is also a radio presenter. So naturally, I went to her for advice...

"Put on your happy voice," she said. "Speak with a smile on your face the whole time and the listeners will 'hear' that smile."

I took that on board. Just like when teaching, you cannot show your fear. Luckily Nicole Dyer has the knack of making her guests feel relaxed and at home, so I was soon chatting away in my 'happy voice' with remnants of a Kiwi accent.

The segment went for 12 minutes of which an edited 5 minutes (plus a written review) has been published on the ABC 91.7 website. If you'd like to have a listen to the stories behind Pond Magic, my inspiration and how I came to be published, pop over to the link below and scroll down to the audio file.  You'll also get to hear my ... voice. (Scary, I know).

"March Book Club Review: Pond Magic. How do you turn creative ideas of yours into a book that will not only grab a child's attention but keep them hooked? " 


Karen said...

Hi Angela,
Great to hear your radio interview came through. We've waited so long:))
Love your advice about talking with a smile on your face as it will come though in your voice.

Kat Apel said...

Loved the interview, Angela. But you sure do go to extreme measures to get published, though. ;)

Angela Sunde. said...

Hi Karen,
Sorry about the long wait. It only went up on the ABC site on Monday and while I was given a copy of the full interview, I don't own copyright to publish it on my blog.
Yes, I was really glad of that advice and it really relaxed me!

Angela Sunde. said...

Hi Kat,
Yes, I will stop at nothing...
No seriously, I don't recommend having furniture thrown at you. Hee hee.

Angela Sunde. said...

Thanks, Karen. The ABC only just put the link on line and although I had a copy, it's not mine to publish on the net. Sorry you had to wait so long. I hope you enjoyed my 'happy voice'. :)

Angela Sunde. said...

Hi Kat! I know, I'll stop at nothing, ha ha! So glad you stopped by.