Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Snap Magic Blog Tour Overview

Wow, I only just caught the Snap Magic Blog Tour in time. It has been like a very fast train, leaving the station straight after the massive weekend of book launches (photos to follow tomorrow) and visiting nine stops on its way. Huge! I need a holiday now.

I've enjoyed catching up with the most gracious hosts you could imagine on this tour, and it was thrilling beyond words to read the first reviews of Snap Magic.

Thank you most sincerely to all the blog tour hosts. It has been a wonderful journey.

If you missed a stop, direct links are now live below:

Snap Magic Blog Tour Stops


Monday 13. Kids Book Review
                     Snap Magic vs Pond Magic – Independent vs Trade

Tuesday 14. Sheryl Gwyther–author
                     Interview – Independent Publishing

                           Themes and Messages in Snap Magic
                           Karen Tyrrell Author
                           REVIEW – Book Giveaway

Thursday 16. Alison Reynolds Author
                        Interview – Writing Habits

Friday 17.  From Hook to Book – Chris Bell Author
                    Interview – Story vs Character

Saturday 18. Boomerang Books Blog
                       Interview – A bewitching encounter

                       Dim's Write Stuff – Dimity Powell Author
                       REVIEW – Snap Magic – It's more than hocus pocus

Sunday 18. Stories are Light Sandy Fussell Author

Monday 20. Aussie Reviews
                     Interview – 

Tuesday 21. DeeScribeWriting Blog – Dee White Author
                     Tips on Writing a Sequel


DimbutNice said...

It has indeed Angela, but like all good train rides, I simply can't wait until the next one. :-0

Angela Sunde. said...

Thanks, Dimity! But I think I'll have a little rest now for a while. Hmm, what shall I theme the next one?