Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Kate Greenaway Medal Winner Jon Klassen Shares his Process

I love to learn about the illustrative processes of some of the world's best children's book illustrators and share them on the blog. Today I have a special treat for you...

The winner of 2014's prestigious Kate Greenaway Medal is Jon Klassen for his book, This is Not My Hat – both written and illustrated by him.

On the children's books page of The Guardian Jon Klassen kindly gives us a page-by-page video tour of the book in person, explaining his illustrative method and reasons behind his decisions for each page. Watch it here: Jon Klassen's Video Tour of 'This Is Not My Hat'

I was fascinated to learn that he paints the images first in black ink on white paper, scans them into the computer and then inverts them before colouring. That's how he gets the rich black backgrounds.

Also, enjoy the book trailer below.

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