Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Radio Interview Tips

Being an author is about more than just writing. I've spent the last few weeks liaising, planning, organising, delegating, photoshopping, creating, booking, nagging and promoting the Inside Story event this Saturday at Black Cat Books - a Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators world wide celebration, showcasing fourteen Queensland and northern NSW author/illustrators as they share the inside story behind their books.

As organiser and MC for the day I was also interviewed on 612 ABC radio by the lovely Kelly Higgins Devine. Whilst not the first time I have been on radio, it is always a rush. My dear sister, who is experienced as a former radio presenter, has given me a tip which I always remember:

"Smile broadly when you speak and it will lift your voice and engage the listeners." 

So I did. I grinned like crazy. The feedback from a friend of a friend was, "She sounded very enthusiastic."

Of course, my intention was to promote the Inside Story event, but radio is about engaging listeners and so the presenter will lull you into a conversation which inevitably leads you away from your task - to promote! With only minutes to get your information across, it can be tricky to negotiate questions like 'Where do you get your ideas from?' whilst trying to make sure the listeners know there will be PRIZES and what time they should get to Black Cat Books.

So here's another tip from my sister:

"Break your message into three points and focus on these."

I had scribbled on a small piece of paper:
  1. What is it? 14 authors share the Inside Story behind their books at a simultaneous event taking place in twelve cities worldwide.
  2. Why come along? Meet real life authors/illustrators, win prizes and eat cake.
  3. Where/when is it? Black Cat Books, 179 Latrobe Street, Paddington, Brisbane; 10am, 2nd Nov
A friend on Facebook said I sounded "calm and professional."

Well, now you know that was a con! Professional maybe, but calm.... the smiling helped.

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