Monday, March 4, 2013

Days 19 - 23 Glimpses of Victor Harbor

The Anchorage, Victor Harbor, SA

The Causeway leading to Granite Island from Victor Harbor

Beautiful Granite Island

Home to a penguin colony

The penguins' version of Hobbiton

Looking back at the town of Victor Harbor from the top of Granite Island

Penguin bronze

The Grosvenor Hotel
On my way out to dinner one night I found an old man in a wheel chair rolling along on the road. He was really struggling and had one arm bandaged. 'Do you need a push?' I asked. 'Oh, yes.' 'Where you off to?' 'The pub.' 'How'd you hurt your arm?' 'I fell out of my chair.' 'How'd you get here?' 'By taxi.' Hmmmm.
The staff at the Grosvenor Hotel knew him well, when I finally pushed him in there, laughing to myself. Apparently he absconded regularly from his nursing home. The people you meet.
Gorgeous flowers on the street

The horse drawn tram that crosses the causeway to Granite Island

In memory of the whales who perished when it was a whaling port

The town's first public toilet, 1867

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