Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Gold Coast Writers Festival

 A three-day event on the last weekend (26-28) of October, 2012.

Whether you’re self-published or trade published, the Gold Coast Writers Festival will bring you together with readers, publishers, printers and other writers. It’s called networking, baby!

The added bonus is that the festival is also designed to offer the opportunity for all writers to showcase and sell their books in an expo environment; that’s truly rare for most writers’ festivals.

And did I also mention that there are workshops, free panel discussions and a literary luncheon?

The Saturday ‘Writing for Children’ panel discussion features myself, Pamela Rushby, Alison Reynolds and Michelle Worthington - and I am the chair. Oh, how can you resist?

Day 1 (Friday) will consist of a series of workshops.
Day 2 (Saturday) will feature discussions, panels and featured writers.
Day 3 (Sunday) will give you the opportunity to dine in style at a LITERARY LUNCHEON with the Gold Coast Writers Association and guest authors.
The full program can be viewed and downloaded here:

What are you waiting for? Tickets are selling fast.

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