Friday, September 2, 2011

Children's Book Week - Picture Book Workshop

The Tuesday of Children's Book Week stormed on the Gold Coast. There was heavy rain, blustering wind and a gale was blowing in from the sea. In spite of it all a large group of determined workshoppers patiently waited in the foyer of the Palm Beach library. 

My first workshop session on 'Writing and Illustrating a Picture Book' was fully booked. Another workshop session was hastily organised for the following week at the Elanora Library and that too was quickly booked out. There were even six people on the waiting list. Gold Coasters are keen.

As the workshop group filed into the room they were eager to get started...


working out plot structures

analysing visual narrative

developing characters.

Testimonials from 'Write and Illustrate a Picture Book Workshop', August 2011:

'My head has held onto so many stories and characters and I have not known what to do with them, until now. Since yesterday I find myself with exploding enthusiasm to the point I have just realised I forgot breakfast, which never happens. Everything I have kept for so long inside my head is now uncontrollably spewing out onto pages.' Kim

'Your workshop was informative, entertaining, and presented in such a professional manner with just enough humour to keep it flowing. A million thank yous. I now have a list of books to read before I do anything more with my childrens' book idea.' Lin

'I just wanted to thank you, for all the hard work, and the amount of material that was covered in today's workshop was incredible. I never imagined the amount of blood, sweat and tears that goes into creating a children's picture book.' Linda

'Absolutely amazing day - so much more than I thought was covered and so inspiring. I now just HAVE to write a children's book!' Anne

'So fantastic, fun, exciting. Loved it and am so glad that I came! Can't wait to get home and start creating!' Rosalie

'I found this workshop extremely informative. It has opened my eyes, inspired me and given me a sense of direction and a good guide towards writing and illustrating.' Fiona

'Made me change perspective 100% in all aspects of a child's book. I appreciate the efforts and learnt so much for myself to help me follow a passion of mine. I was very lost in which way to go and now I have confidence to go the next step in writing children's books.' Lisa

'A fun, interactive, interesting day to help kick start my inner author. With so much information and handy hints to take home and get started.' Ingrid

'A really detailed workshop given with insight and humour. Much appreciated time spent.' Joanna

'Fabulous, fabulous workshop today, Angela ... left feeling confident, empowered and inspired!! Thank you so much! Wish you'd been my teacher at Art School 30 yrs ago!!' Terri

Thank you to the Gold Coast Libraries and the Gold Coast City Council for your support.

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Sandy Fussell said...

You are a star. I wish I was close enough to go on the waiting list for your next workshop.

Angela Sunde. said...

He he, thanks Sandy! I think I was having as much fun as the attendees.