Saturday, June 11, 2011

I am grateful

Hello bloggees,

I'm guessing that's the name for those who read and follow blogs. Firstly thank you to all those who tune in occasionally or more often. I truly appreciate your support and company on my journey as a writer, illustrator and blogger.

Today I am a guest on the blog of the wonderful Dr Anita Heiss here, where I share what I am most grateful for in life. I met Anita early last year when I attended the launch of her book, Manhattan Dreaming, in Brisbane. Her effervescent personality won me over immediately and we have stayed in contact ever since. I so admire and enjoy Anita's wit, intelligence and humour mixed together with a genuine ability to connect with others.

Me, Sheryl Gwyther and Anita Heiss (photo Anita Heiss)

'Dr Anita Heiss is the author of non-fiction, historical fiction, commercial women's fiction, poetry, social commentary and travel articles. She also lectures on Indigenous Studies, is an Indigenous Literacy Day Ambassador and a proud member of the Wiradjuri nation of central New South Wales.'

In Manhatten Dreaming, a commercial women's fiction novel, Anita Heiss has brought modern indigenous culture and an internatonal setting together in a fun light-hearted plot.  Her aboriginal heroine, Lauren, is offered an art curator fellowship in New York. But how does she choose between her dream job and her commitment-phobic boyfriend back home?

This year Anita has followed up the success of Manhatten Dreaming with the equally fun novel, Paris Dreaming.

I attended the launch for Paris Dreaming at the State Library in Brisbane and had a magical evening in the Red Box Room as actors performed excerpts from the novel. The Red Box has three walls of glass overlooking the Brisbane River and if you blinked you'd have thought you were on the Seine.

This was followed by French Martinis, hors d'oeuvres and an elegant young woman crooning Ediath Piaf songs on the balcony below.

And did I mention the Eiffel Tower?

Living the author life is not all Martinis and French raspberry macarons (yes, there were those too.) But when it is I am very grateful, and I am sincerely grateful for all the friendships I have made in the writing community.

Pop over to Anita's blog to read my post on what I'm most grateful for and then come back and tell me your top five.

I'd love to hear it!


Dr Anita Heiss said...

Hi Angela - Thank you for being my guest blogger and sharing your gratefuls. And thank you also for your ongoing support and friendship, although miles apart. It was great to see you at both my Brisbane launches and I'm grateful especially for your generous words - and fab pics - here! Stay fabulous until next we meet and thanks for the inspiration.

Anita Grateful Heiss XX

Angela Sunde. said...

Hi Anita,

You're very welcome!
Can you believe these photos were taken with a small phone? And it's taken me till now to upload them to my laptop. Actually I got my husband to do it, because when it comes to 'blue tooth' I'm toothless.

Dr Anita Heiss said...

The photos are great! Thanks for posting them!