Friday, August 13, 2010

Pointing the IP

Do you get frustrated with IT language? I never learnt it at school. We grew excited if we were shown slides with the black curtains closed.

Today I am trying to publish my website and my domain server has told me something entirely different to my website host builder. It's a good thing I'm a natural at foreign languages, because the German subjunctive mood is nothing compared to this. And just what is an A record anyway? The Monkees?

"The host name the A record links to. You can enter @ to map the record directly to your domain.
Points to IP Address
The IP address from which you want to link your domain.
The time increment for which the server should cache the information."

Does this time increment mean how long the server will take to point the IP? And I think  I know what IP stands for... It's the Idiot Person who decided to design and publish her own website without any help from others.

So I chose one hour for the TLL to point the A record to the IP. (Oh, listen to me. I'm talking IT.) I'm thinking if it works I should go live in about 45 minutes time. Fingers crossed...


Peter Taylor said...

And a beautifully designed website it is, too. Congratulations, Angela! There's much on it that I love, but I especially adore the sketchbook. You have been busy!

Best wishes

Peter Taylor

Angela Sunde. said...

Thanks, Peter! Yes, it did keep me busy for the last 2 months. But I was ill so it was a welcome distraction too. And I'm very partial to the sketchbook myself. Now I look forward to updating it regularly. That should keep me on task. :)