Sunday, July 19, 2009


I am rather chuffed today. You see my letter to the editor of the Courier Mail was published in yesterday's (Saturday) paper. They gave it an accompanying colour photo, a central position, a major headline and two columns. I'm glad to see that the Courier is open to reporting both sides of the debate.

I am taking action and I encourage you to do the same.

What can you do?

Follow my link to 'Saving Aussie Books' under 'Angela's Places' and there you will find all the email and postal addresses you need to make a difference, plus all the details of the impact the Parallel Importation of Books will have on our book industry and our children's literacy. I am so angry that not only did I email Mr Kevin Rudd, but I sent him a letter too. And it was so easy! Saving Aussie Books tells you how.

For your information I have included my letter to the editor below:

To the editor,


The market control that Woolworths and Coles now hold over petrol pricing and groceries will soon be extended to include books. Together with Dymocks, and under the guise of the Coalition for Cheaper Books, they have been lobbying for the lifting of the current restrictions on the parallel importation of books.

By hiding behind this collective name, the 'Coalition' has duped their customers, guaranteeing cheaper books.

There is no guarantee. These retail giants are not obliged to pass on any savings to the consumer. In fact, they have a history of not doing so.

In its submission to the Productivity Commission, Penguin Australia said: "At the moment two of our biggest chains are selling many titles significantly above the recommended retail price."

According to industry sources, Kmart and Target (Coles Group) demand up to 70% discount on the RRP from the publisher. (By comparison the author receives less than 10% of the RRP.) Then these mega-retailers add a few dollars over the RRP.
Does anyone really think they're about delivering cheaper books?
I don't.


Sally Murphy said...

Well done Angela - and so glad the paper published your letter. It seems most of the papers in this coutnry do not want to present a balanced argument on this issue.

Karen said...

Congrats Angela, For getting the Writer's Point of View Published in the paper. Well Done. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

You go girl! GREAT letter - so glad they published it.